PT. Duta Anugrah Damai Sejahtera

PT. DADS engaged in the procurement and provision of telecommunications infrastructure, especially in a network of fiber optic cable, both in workmanship and services in the procurement of materials related to the communication network.


To Become Trusted Company To Provide Peace & Prosperous Lives.


On Specification
Manage The Company With Values That Developed By The Company To Provide Guarantee In Quality To Every Partners

On Budget
Upgrade Company Performance In The Manner Of Efficient And Effective To Provide Value Added To Our Teams, Owners, Nor Others Stakeholders

On Schedule
Manage Project That We Got With Integrated System So That Can Give Time Certainty Of Project Settlement To Every Partners

Skills to communicate, pay attention, and excecute projects in a coordinated manner. Teamwork is built so that work more effective, got more ideas, supportive to each other. Teamwork can be achieved with developed communication skills between teams, responsibility, honest between coworkers, pay attention, empathy to every teams member and brainstorming ideas.